Making Art

 photo sdFgzi6tNXZjovu2XNbP1WhSVQhyQldxg3uQgtoU3vIXl1mqa7w5EuBGyX5ne6dQO5N_q6DZzgC1ibLAxjwm5c.jpeg photo 221977_10150230310235960_4010309_n.jpg New art ... Haven't named her yet.,.. Still thinking photo 270111_10150331687245960_5044303_n.jpg photo 224129_10150240621125960_4083941_n.jpg Guess what the fed ex guy brought me this morning :) my collaboration guitar with Robert Kantor Guitars. I painted it and then they placed thousands of swarovski crystals on top of my art. So excited to play it. You can actually something like this. photo 431449_10151408229090960_854692963_n.jpg I have prints and original painting based off the art I did on my guitar. In the rewards section of my kickstarter you can get the print or the original.. Pretty awesome way to support independent music and get some cool a photo 469452_10151085235010960_2125705087_o.jpg  photo jqUlfLb1c8yp5hvs6l3VeqLfhoj1tYn9dk7gGQokXR8.jpeg  photo iIe36bex3Nw0yMEse5iJ08RuCHJ3NqWTITjbXrlBRpk.jpeg  photo tvuwurA5YgMyTO717JZKl8WXrWkWjoFHMJyQwDWniHY.jpeg